Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Valentine's Day Post

My post never published on Valentine's Day. WHAT is that about?!?!?!?!

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Block Party in Queens
September 2003

Here's the story of how Steven and I met: He was working for HT in January 2003. The day I actually met him it was his "going away party" because he was leaving to go back to Louisana to work. The next day he decided to not move to Louisana and stayed working for HT. I knew his boss and she let me help around in the office because I was in college but needed money, lol. I barely talked to Steven, to be honest. I only helped out in the office for like two weeks before I thought I was better than to show up to an office after going to school for half a day #iwasacrappyteenager  ANYWAY! Fast forward to the summertime (July) and Steven was running the summer camp. I applied to be a camp counselor and got the job. So everyday I'd go to the camp and see him walking around, doing whatever it is he did all day, lol. I kept looking around for him so I could see him. Yeah, I'm that kinda stalker lol!  The girls in my group were all like "Why don't you write him love notes, and we'll give them to him!" So that happened. We'd come up with questions to ask him, the girls would run over and pass him notes. This silly man would actually write back!!  On the last day of camp (beginning of August) we started really talking. A week later he had a staff end of the year party at a restaurant, and afterwards, while walking out to the parking lot he asked me to be his girlfriend. I actually told him "I'd let him know tomorrow" because I'm a huge freakin' loser like that. I actually just got out of a three year serious relationship the month before and wanted to be sure I was in it for the right reasons.  The next day we had plans to hang out and I told him I'd be his girlfriend. He mentioned he had two dogs in the 'love notes', but I let that slip my mind because I wasn't a pet person. That was August 16, 2003.
A month and a half later I was pregnant. God is a funny guy. His perfect timing, not ours, lol!
The rest is history.

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My mom took this picture of us, after my birthday dinner date.
We were dating 2 weeks.

Okay. I'd say we are both romantics. Normally we go out on a fancy date for Valentine's Day. A few years back I decided that the kids should be involved too, because we love them and they are old enough to be well behaved children at a restaurant and to celebrate with us.

My plans for this year had gotten messed up due to a family member, BUT ANYWAY, I decided we'd all go to the movies on Sunday and see The Lego Movie. It was hilarious!  On Tuesday night, I ordered Italian food from the local pizzeria. Went home, set the table up all nice, and we had family dinner on the table when Steven walked in the door. After dinner we played board games with the kids, and then we all crashed into bed early. Yep, total snoozefest over here, haha!

Steven got me a gift certificate to get a massage at a new place that opened up by us, Raspberry Verdi (my favorite), and a reusable bag my church was selling (which I told hum numerous times I wanted, haha!)

It was the perfect holiday for our family. <3 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NetGalley Review: Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts #1) by Vic James

Gilded Cage on GoodReads

My Review: I was interested in reading this book mostly by the look of the cover. NetGalley gave me the go-ahead, and away I went! It did start off slow, as Book 1's normally do. There was a lot of explaining background details and things, which was sort of blah. But it absolutely got better as it went on. I was okay with the main character Luke. And I normally am a fan of the "bad guy", so call me #TeamSilyen. I'm looking forward to reading Book 2, which comes out in September 2017.  

*This book is expected to be published on February 14, 2017*

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