Friday, April 1, 2016

Typical Intro Post

The launch has finally arrived! My new blog is OFFICIALLY up and running!
So welcome to the new blog! 
I was on this platform before, then left to try something else.... but now I am back here and I couldn't be more happier about it! 
Some basic info about me: I am Melissa (duh!). I married Steven, who is definitely the love of my life, back in November of 2004. We have two children together, named Dylan and Delaney. No, the "D" thing was not planned, just happened to work out that way. I was a stay at home mom until last year. I am now a lunch lady at a grammar school in my town. I'm very much into reading books, playing video games, watching movies & TV shows, playing soccer and being outdoors. I have a different type personality than most. Love it or leave it is my motto.
 photo MelissaStevenNYC_zpsyshqijsk.jpg

I have recently updated all my social media. Find and follow me there so we can keep in touch.

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