Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle

Okay, so I know I keep saying "diet this and diet that, healthy life changes and the like".... but I never followed through. This time, my husband is on board with me and we ARE doing it!!! Eating better, getting out more and working out.

My health issues are slowly creeping up to haunt me. I HAVE to change my lifestyle, or I'm gonna have a lot more problems than I already do!

I got a new FitBit (my old one got soaked on a water ride and died), so I set that all up.... as well as updated my MyFitnessPal app (which IS having issues syncing exercising and food intake with my FitBit so I am trying to figure that out). I will be using MapMyRun when I go out walking/running, too.

And I'm gonna work vitamins in to my life as well. #becausehealthy

Any other health apps you recommend?

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  1. Definitely lots of water! That always helped me when I had to adjust my diet.