Friday, April 7, 2017

Lets Play Catch Up!

Okay, readers.... I haven't been around much. Life, ya know. I'll do a general recap on what's been going on since my last real update (Valentine's Day post). Here goes!

My friend started up a group on Facebook, where we'd all purchase a book called The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man-- On Purpose and With A Plan, and we'd 'virtually' read it together every day in February. Each day you would read the chapter, and then like "follow the directions" to put something nice together for your man. It was really to show your man that you care about him and to put a little something extra in to your marriage. I did really well with following along, until into the last week (it was a crazy week where Steven worked late a lot of nights and there was no time to do the things I had scheduled). I enjoyed the book and would do something like it again with my friends.  I had plannnnnned to make a big post about the entire thing, like keeping up and telling everyone exactly what I did each day, but that obviously never happened. 

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Dylan joined the Drama Club (for the first time) in middle school this year. He had a non-speaking part, but had to join in on the opening and closing dance numbers, and had to sing as well, lol! The name of the play was called "Oh Horrors! It's Murder!"-- an audience interactive murder mystery play. He was an exhibit at the 'Hamilton Museum', where the play took place. He did an absolutely wonderful job and my whole family is so proud of him! My parents came to the last showing of the play and were super excited for him!

Work has been ridiculous lately. We are a team of three in the kitchen. My coworker had to stop working because her husband has cancer and he needs around the clock care now. Totally understandable! But then the higher ups hire these awful people who either don't wanna be there or don't get the concept of what's going on around them. It's awful! The cook and I are just over it! On top of our freezer constantly being on the fritz...... Winter Break it blew and flooded the entire kitchen and cafeteria. The cook just texted me (she had to be in work today) saying the freezer almost blew and the maintence people are there trying to fix it. Today starts Spring Break for me, so I have an entire week off of work, and it's more welcomed than normal because of all the work drama.

March was a very hard month, marriage wise. I'm not going into any details here, but it's really the main reason why I wasn't at the computer blogging. Moving on........

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I've read seven books since January. That puts me ahead two books ahead of schedule in my 2017 reading challenge.  I read the thriller The Couple Next Door, which I literally couldn't put down. I think I read it in three days. I also read the futuristic sci-fi Ready Player One, which spoke volumes to the geeky gamer that I am! My go-to author is James Patterson and I saw The McCullagh Inn in Maine on the bookshelf when I hit up my local library and just went for it. Didn't care for it, to be honest.  Now I just started a book I found through Kindle First. If you're a Prime member you have access to a very small list of books Amazon selects before they are published to the public. I found out about it by accident so this is my first time using it. You get to choose one free book a month. The book I chose (the list only had 6 books on it) is called All The Lies We Tell by Megan Hart. So far, I'm 25% in and I am on board.

I am in between playing Final Fantasy XV and getting back in to Destiny. We bought Dylan a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, so we won't be playing that until the very end of April.

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I have not heard from my sponsor child since September. Haiti was devastated with Hurricane Matthew back in October. Compassion International had told me that Michelton and his family weren't directly affected by the hurricane. Thank God!  But Compassion International as a whole just updated their letter writing system AND with all the destruction going on in Haiti, letter delivery has been slow. But another Haitian sponsor I connected with on Facebook said to write them an email and they can do an inquiry to find out if a letter is on it's way, or to encourage Michelton to write another one. Normally, sponsors get at least two letters a year from younger kids.
Please continue praying for Michelton.

The kids are doing very well in school this year. Dylan's soccer season starts in two weeks. He also goes to youth group once a week and volunteers at AWANA once a week. Delaney is almost done with her first year of Juniors in Girl Scouts. She attends AWANA and loves it! She might join Gymnastics again come September, but we will see if that idea sticks.   The kids go to school, come home and do homework, eat dinner and then Steven and I are playing shuffle to figure out who needs to be where and how they are getting there. They are busy people and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Okay, off to enjoy my first day off since like Christmastime. Have a blessed day, everyone!
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  1. So glad the kiddos are doing well in school! :)