Thursday, December 1, 2016

Catching Up

Yes, yes, I'm well aware I am a flip flopper. Wordpress just wasn't doing it for me.
Lets play catch up, shall we.
November is pretty much a dead month, as far as working goes. I had the first week of November off because the NJEA teacher conference. I get Thanksgiving Eve off because it's a half day of school, as well as Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, of course. Then I also get the last week of November off for Parent Teacher conferences. I literally worked 11 days for the month of November. I am not complaining, lol.
This week off of work was very productive. Got a ton of Christmas shopping done (thank you cyber Monday), as well as write up a few blog posts and set up a new blog page.  I keep saying I'm gonna sit down and tend to my blog but then just never get around to it because #life.

Gonna go back to the end of October and make my way forward.....
Halloween 2016 was a success. Delaney dressed up as Harley Quinn and Dylan ended up throwing together a soccer player outfit and calling it a day. They came home with way more candy than anyone would ever need, lol.
 photo HalloweenCollage2016_1_zpsh0gq7qwy.jpg

The four of us had off the first week of November. One day we went to go see Samson at Sight and Sound Theaters in Lancaster, PA. It was absolutely amazing! The kids loved it and already want to go back next year. Sounds like a plan, I say.   Another day we went on a nature walk at a beautifiul place called Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. It was nice.  We made it a day trip kinda week....

 photo samson_zps0x2q8qbc.jpg
 photo dukefarms1_zpsixdkhyyw.jpg

I wrote a response letter on behalf of Steven and myself to our sponsor child in Haiti named Michelton. The kids also wrote him their own separate letter. He probably won't receive them all till a little bit after Christmas, due to turn around times from Compassion International.  We are continously praying he and his family are well.  I hope he writes us back.
 photo Michelton_zps4bcmwmp6.jpg

Steven and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on November 20. We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, followed by dinner at a local restaurant we wanted to try. The movie was amazingly good.... the restaurant, not so much.

 photo firstdance112004_zpsesd08up9.jpg
I took NO pictures on our anniversary, so a wedding photo will have to do, lol.

Thanksgiving was a success. Woke up and watched the parade on TV, followed by my parents coming over for dinner. Nice and easy. I do miss my sister for the holidays though (she moved out-of-state).
 photo IMG_7169_zpsbz6v1fvt.jpg  photo IMG_7171_zpsd2sakl1u.jpg
Delaney mashing potatoes.     A rare photo of my mother and I.

It's now December. Christmas shopping was mostly done online via AmazonSmile*. We put up and decorated our tree this past weekend. This year I am REALLY in the holiday spirit, and early, both of which are unusual for me. I'm just gonna roll with it.....
 photo tree2016_zpslcldgps8.jpg

*I wrote a post about AmazonSmile & it can be found here

Okay, so now that I took the whole afternoon to write this post yesterday, I have to actually go and adult. Laundry needs to be tackled and the kids are fighting. One of those days, lol.

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