Monday, December 12, 2016

Random Thoughts

This weekend was a very relaxing one! We did go to our churches Christmasfest for a few hours on Saturday night, but it was pretty much vegging in our pajamas watching watching TV, playing games or just whatevering in the living room. It was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

So I had some random thoughts going, and I'm just gonna put them out there:

  1. Our Operation Christmas Child boxes were finally shipped and I found out they are heading to Kenya. That's really exciting news!
  2. I constantly am thinking about my sponsor child in Haiti. I'm desperate for a letter back from him, yet I know he hasn't received our most recent responses yet. I see all these ideas on Pinterest and want to do them all!!!!!
  3. On the topic of my sponsor child, I was thinking of having like a fundraiser or something, and all the money raised go to him & his family. Or to just donate it to the most needed thing (like clean water for example) through Compassion International. Just an idea floating around in my head. I want to do something MORE than just donate to him monthly and write him letters. 
  4. Trying to find a individual bible study is hard. I keep looking and nothing is jumping out at me.
  5. I started a new book series, and so far so good. I like books by Tiffany Reisz, she's an easy read, so this one is starting off well thus far. I'm like 4 pages in, haha!
  6. I have to order Girl Scout patches for Delaney's vest. She's missing a bunch she needs! I'm hoping to order them this week so I will have them before the new year and can work on getting her vest in order.
  7. Only 9 more days until I am off of work for Christmas break. It can't come soon enough! Then the holidays followed by a trip to Virginia to see family.
  8. Do a New Years Resolution this year? Ehhhhhh, I make one every year and it never pans out. Maybe this year will be different?

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Have a nice Monday, everyone!

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