Saturday, December 3, 2016

Link Up: Blogmas 2016 - Day 1

I decided that I will participate in a few posts of the Blogmas link up. I'd like to do a majority of them, but I'm realistic and don't see that happening.....

Day 1 was two days ago, but I'm doing it today anyway, lol.

Day 1 - The Christmas Tag

Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie?
My favorite one as a kid is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Our family likes Elf so that's growing on me, and Home Alone is a classic at this point.

Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color?
Red and White. Like striped together. Love love.

Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs or Dress Up For Christmas?
I ama PJs type of girl. We wake up, go out to the open presents in our PJs and hang around the house in our PJs. The only time we will get dressed on Christmas Day is if people are coming over to eat dinner. And that's more casual than fancy. 

If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
I would have to say my husband, because he works so hard all year round to provide for us. He deserves to be spoiled!

Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
Santa's gifts are opened on Christmas morning. But us Italian's make a big deal of Christmas Eve, and we've ALWAYS gotten together with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve to eat dinner and open presents. 

What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
Re-freakin-lax! We go to my mom's on Christmas Eve and do all that and that's all fine and good.... but on Christmas I wanna be HOME, opening our gifts and enjoying them and the time with my family.  Then we usually go to see Steven's family on winter break out of state, and we are busy bees there.... and I'm sort of okay with it, but sometimes I just like to sit around the house doing nothing.

Any Christmas Wishes?
I wish for my family to have a happy and healthy year, and for my extended family to become believers in Jesus.
Favorite Christmas Smell?
I got this candle from Yankee Candle called Balsam & Cedar and I'm in love. Usually tree smells aren't my thing, but this one put me in the Christmas spirit right off the bat! I also like the smell of Yankee Candle Magical Frosted Forest. 
Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
Christmas Eve dinner at my mom's.... lasagna for the win! 

What are you doing for the holidays this year?
Christmas Eve at my mom's. Christmas Day is just home relaxing. No plans for visitors as of now.

What’s your favorite holiday drink?
Mint hot chocolate.

Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
Candy cane.
What’s your favorite holiday/Christmas song?
I just heard Danny Gokey's 'Mary Did You Know' on the radio last night and it's my new fav.

What is most important to you about the holidays?
That Jesus is the reason for the season. And being with my family, basking in the glow of Christmas cheer that comes on Christmas morning. 

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