Monday, January 9, 2017

A Week Later - Healthier Lifestyle Update

So while I did cheat here and there this week (it happens, lets be honest), I am proud of myself for making better food choices and getting outside & exercising as much as I could.

I started off the exercise routine slow........ only worked out twice for the week, Monday & Wednesday. I wanted to work out another day, but #life. I forgot I wasn't gonna be home Friday night, so then I thought I'd do it on Thursday and I wasn't home that night either. Oops! Then we had snow all weekend. Like c'mon!  But, two days is better than none.  I'm on my feet for 5 hours at my job, constantly moving, so that helps too.  Come check out my MapMyRun profile and see my success!

I track all the food I eat on MyFitnessPal. I love it because you can scan bar codes of the food you eat and it imports all the nutrition quick and easy. Plus it links up to MapMyRun and my FitBit, so it keeps track of everything! I like being able to see my calorie intake, ect... so I can monitor what I need to cut out. It keeps me accountable and I need that!

Starting weight: 185.0lbs
Current weight: 182.4

Keep up the good work. I heard the phrase "Eat less and move more" and I like that! #gonnabemynewmotto

How are you doing on your healthier lifestyle goals?

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