Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Writing To My Sponsor Child

You all know about my sponsor child in Haiti. If you don't, I wrote a post about how we came to sponsor him is here. The kids and I wrote to him last back in November, responding to the letter we received from him and to wish him Merry Christmas. Now with Valentine's Day is approaching, I wanted to write Michelton a letter letting him know he is loved, thought about often and constantly prayed for by our family.

The other day I found myself reading Compassion International's blog and ended up writing him a short letter asking him all about his education. Schooling is so important to a child in poverty, so they can learn the tools they need to be successful in life and break the cycle of poverty within their family. "Please pray that God will give him more intelligence in school"-- Michelton specifically asked us to! (Michelton is only 8 years old and his project gave his mother a template sheet with questions on it to be filled out and sent to sponsors. His mother asked the questions and he responded, then she filled it in.) My children enjoy school and they'd love to hear how Michelton's doing in his studies.

I was also all over Compassion's Pinterest board, pinning like a freakin' maniac! They have SUCH great ideas, submitted by them and sponsors alike. I plan to take some of these pins and get a letter package ready to send Michelton. Just in time for Valentine's Day, woohoo!!  If you'd like to see what I pinned, come check out my Pinterest page.

 photo photoofhim_headshot_zpsx1jvcoz7.jpg 
Please pray for our sponsor child. It's mean the world to him!

If God is calling you to sponsor a child, or if you'd just like more information on sponsorship or the group in general, please visit Compassion International's website. They have tons of helpful info!

God bless.

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